DAMABEL, LDA constituted March 23, 1994, is located in Golães, Fafe, dedicating itself to the construction of machinery for textile, apparel and leather. Along with the construction and subsequent marketing, offers guests the maintenance of all equipment produced under the brand PIMATEX (founded in 1975) as well as various equipment related to the textile industry.

As the growth of a company is not only greater financial stability, the management, guided by an innovative vision, equipped the company with new production equipment, computer software management and design, as well as the introduction of new agreements with referral partners.

Damabel is the result of careful management, guided by a vision of innovation and investment, ready to client needs and market demands, as well as a focused activity and trends in the change of the textile sector response, growing steadily establishing, gradually, the foundation for your success in all areas concerned.

It is a recognized and distinguished company, by the quality of their products, contributing to the reduction of pollution with an ecological concern.